Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Timmettes 12-15 now in the shop!

Timmette ballerina

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pimp my paintbox- Part 1: Razor Blade Paint Scraper

I am going to try to document all the different accessories and components used to create a compact studio for quick studies and outdoor paintings on my painting + sketch blog.  Today I posted about paint scrapers.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

ready for spring in the middle of winter

I purchased these striped springy ~ summery Keds tonight because they were 50% off and the only pair they had left was a size 10 (my size) so I took it as sign from the heavens to buy season inappropriate footwear.

OMG Tutus!

still need to make a bow and then Timmette will be ready to dance dance dance!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ikea shelves & a bigfoot sighting

Two things I need to address today:

1. Super inexpensive studio shelving at Ikea for $14.99!

2. I saw a Bigfoot appear in one of my paintings! A Bigfoot with a bouffant apparently.

Let's discuss :D

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore from Moonbot Studios on Vimeo.

A beautiful short film about the love of books that was created using miniatures, computer animation,and 2D animation. The animated Humpty Dumpty book is so adorable!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Small paintbox made out of cigar box and recycled picture frame glass

I made this yesterday. I used grey toned paper under the glass. This box will probably turn into a big ol' mess after the first use, but i still think it is a good palette for on-the-go painting. The glass was from an old 5x7" frame and the box was from my uncle's cigar box stash.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The years of dancing school really paid off.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Handmade Christmas Gifts ~ better late than never :D

Here is Sal modeling the hat and the backpack I made him.  This hat was my third attempt. The first one was more suited for an old Russian lady from my neighborhood, the second came out too small so I am using it as a travel beverage carrier, and then I made this one out of a fine weight wool. I tried some texturing at the base of this one, but nothing exciting.  The backpack I made out fabric remnants I had in my studio. I wish I had thought it through a little more and not mixed all these colors and kept it super simple. Next time, next time...

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Sale starts this Saturday!

20% off everything in my So Softies Etsy shop with coupon code LOVE2012, January 14 - 28.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


I purchased this white creamer with a cork base from the tea shop as well. It is made in Portugal.

Update: Sophia from Portugal just let me know it is made by the company Alma Geméa. Thanks!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Super quick dip tip.

Simple recipe I blogged on Kung Foodies

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Here's how the hat turned out

I decided to keep it simple and not add the third green shade.

Friday, January 06, 2012

New stitches for the new year

going to incorporate this muted green into the hat ~ beret
Started a hat to try to learn some new stitches. Here is my first attempt at a V-shaped stitch. I don't think it is right just yet. I did a combo of both stitches from this guide here.  I was inspired to do a textured green hat because I saw this cutie from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe movie:
(click photos to enlarge)

I love the color and pebble texture of this mossy green hat she is wearing and the jacket is super adorable too. Rounded collars, piped plaids, and mossy green wool yarn added to my 2012 wish list.

like this one from here.

First good find of 2012!

Happy New Year! Good riddance to 2011, a year of turmoil and fear. Sincerely hoping for peace within countries and in nature this year. I plan to focus even more on shopping local and with businesses that care about our environment.

I found this gorgeous double walled glass travel carafe and tea at David's Tea, a company originating in Montreal, Canada, now on Bleeker St. in NYC. I've tried two teas so far, Glitter & Gold black tea and Midsummer Night's Dream, a super yummy citrusy herbal blend. I have one more sample at home to try, Read My Lips, a chocolate and mint tea. I am saving this one as an after dinner treat.

p.s. I did a little searching and found out that the carafe was made by Aquaovo. I looove this design!