Friday, July 29, 2011

(wire) Basket Case

I've been obsessing over wire baskets lately. I can't stop thinking about them, it is like a disease.

It all started with this red-rimmed one from Wisteria:

My Sparrow

Restoration Hardware

The loosely woven Marche Baskets from the container store with matching waste basket

I didn't see it online, but at the store on 6th Avenue I saw they have a large chrome one for laundry that would be perfect for holding bolts of fabric. It was very tempting, but I imagined all of the dirty looks I would have gotten carrying that thing on the subway, also $50 still seemed pretty steep to me. I am hoping for a sale.

I also researched wire bins on wheels for another couple months like this one-
R and B Wire Commercial Laundry Carts

I'm wondering if it is possible to buy wire cloth/mesh from the hardware store to try to make one, maybe a wood base with wire body? hmmmm...

Hopefully posting these will get the thoughts out of my system for a while.

Silvertone Cuffs on Ebay

Selling off some of my jewelry that I haven't been using. You can find these here.

Friday, July 15, 2011

last minute promo cards for the group show

Thank you Walgreens! :D If the paper was thicker it would be even better! But for a 40 min. turnaround, I shouldn't be complaining.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Contemporary Currents Exhibit at the Pen & Brush Gallery

(painting on flier by Lois LeBlanc)

I'm in a group show next week! I will have about 8 paintings on display. Come check it out if you are in the NYC area.

The reception is Saturday, July 16th from 4-7pm.

The gallery will be open:
Thurs. July 14, 4-7
Fri, July 15, 4-7
Sat. July 16, 1-9
Sunday July 17, 1-5

The Pen & Brush is located at:
16 East 10th Street
New York, NY 10003
between 5th Ave. and University Place
Subways: L,N,Q,R,W,4,5,6 (Union Square)
Buses: M1, M3, M6

Friday, July 01, 2011

Been cat sitting this past week, didn't get any work done...

My attempt to entertain Smokey the cat (not to be confused with Smokey the Bear, I don't think this Smokey thinks about forest fire prevention as much, just a little). Unforch, no music, just my neighbor saying, "See ya later alligator!" to his son, which I thought was sweet.