Sunday, August 24, 2008

Timmie 163 and164

I just added these 2 fellas to the shop.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

working on some new hat designs...

anyone know of any good millinery for tadpoles classes in NYC?

fast friends

found bunny and elephant by Shael/LittleBirdDesigns

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Found softie

My mother found this little (3.5 inches) softie on the street and saved it for me. It fits all the criteria of me liking something:

1. Turquoise
2. Polka dotted
3. It's a bunny!
4. Eye popping out ~ so helpless, so charming

This found softie reminded me of a project/movement I read about on Softies Central called the Toy Society. The Toy Society is a small group of people that drop off softies in unsuspecting places for people to randomly find. Fun idea, right? I definitely want to do it one day too!

found bunny drying after bath

Found bunny drying after his bath.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Bears T-shirt

I only have one limited edition Happy Bears T-shirt left! The last tee up for your consideration is a men's small which is similar in size to the American Apparel women's large.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Squeezy Poof® Lined Journal

Squeezy Poof® Lined Journal, originally uploaded by m patrizio.

This will be the last official "poof" of the week. Have a great weekend!

Timmies in hats sticker pack

Now available in the shop. I used a recycled birthday card (piece) for the top of the packaging.

Squeezy Poof® denim pouch

Squeezy Poof® denim pouch, originally uploaded by m patrizio.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Timmie journal with pencil

I just added 2 journals to my shop. I will be adding some slightly different ones tomorrow as well & maybe some Timmie stickers too.

squeezy poof 2.0

squeezy poof 2.0, originally uploaded by m patrizio.

now with little red nose technology

Frank the self-sufficent frog spotting...

with mystery friend.

(click image to enlarge)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

letterpressed thank you cards

letterpressed thank you cards

The Thank You cards that I created with Cat Fish Greetings are now for sale on their site. These cards are made with 100% recycled paper and are locally produced. I love how they turned out!

Monday, August 11, 2008

So much FUN!

camilla decals
camilla engman decals

The Camilla Engman decals that I ordered from Third Drawer Down arrived today. They are so awesome! I went to town applying them to everything in sight! I had these wooden boxes that I purchased from Etsy sitting in my studio just itchin' for some decoration. I love the way they turned out! Another fine product from Camilla E.!

Weekend Trip to Cape Cod

Sal had Friday off from work so we took an impromptu drive to Cape Cod. We had never been there before so it was an exciting adventure for the both of us.

Here are some of the places/eateries we checked out:

Hyannis, Ma- Main St. - Our motel was pretty gross, it reminded me of a location you would see in a crime scene investigation TV show. Plenty of questionable stains all over the place and the rug was wet! I had visions of mold spores dancing in my head the whole time. Thank the lord we were only there for one night. The bagel-coffee-mystery orange juice breakfast was pretty decent though :).

After dropping off our stuff at our luxurious CSI motel we had a relaxing panini lunch at Kian n' Rylee's Pub. It was excellent, the side of fries was especially tasty!

While strolling along Main St. I came across a scrapbook store called Colorful Creations. I picked up some alphabet rubber stamps. As I was paying, the cashier explained to me that I should use a dye based stamp pad for the type of stamp that I was purchasing. A+ for good customer service.

In the evening we returned to Hyannis' Main St. for a pizza dinner at Colombo's, very yummy.

On Saturday we first took a short sightseeing boat tour of Hyannis Harbor then we headed out towards Provincetown, MA.

On our way towards Provincetown we stopped off at Marion's Pie Shop and The Chatham Cheese Company for some cherry pie and a wedge of cheese & a pumpernickel baguette, respectively.

We stopped off at the town of Wellfleet to check out some of my teacher's watercolors at the Kendall Art Gallery. The proprietor was very kind to us and took the time out to show us around the whole gallery and to bring out some of my teacher's work for me to have a look at. While we were strolling around we came across 20/20 reporter John Stossel & his doggy buying some fruits and veggies. He was saying, "Can you give me a break on the price of these cherries" :D

By the time we actually got to Provincetown we were pretty exhausted from driving around all day. P-town was a great place to visit, everyone seemed so super happy riding around on their bicycles (I was so jealous) and there were hunky men running around in their colorful briefs (Sal tried to cover my eyes, but I still got a good look). :P

As we drove back down to NYC we took a detour looking for food in Providence, we drove around in circles for a while and then decided to keep moving forward because it was starting to get late. We ended up stopping at a Cracker Barrel in Coventry, RI. Sal squealed like a little girl when he saw the sign for it. I had never been to a C.B. before, it was pretty good for roadside food.

We tried to get all the way back to NYC on Saturday night but Sal was too tired so we stopped overnight in Branford,Connecticut. The next morning we quickly checked out Bridgeport, had pizza at Frank Pepe's in New Haven's Little Italy, and strolled around historic South Norwalk.

Here are some photos from the trip-
My Canon camera is pretty much dead, so out of desperation I bought a $10 keychain camera. My original intention was to buy a disposable camera, but then I thought about what a serious waste of plastic that would be. I figured, even if the pics come out lackluster at least it was reusable. I can take lackluster photos over and over again. How great! ;) also takes video!

I think the results came out pretty interesting though, like little impressionistic paintings.
mini cam- hyannis, MA
mini cam - Hyannis, MA
mini cam- cape cod
mini cam- cape cod
mini cam- cape cod
my new spy cam :D

What did I learn from this trip?
That people actually treat each other humanely outside of NYC. If someone didn't make a door slam in my face or didn't roll their eyeballs when I asked a question, I was pretty impressed. The people that we encountered were so nice to us! My faith in humanity has been restored. Hurrah!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Illustration Friday- "poof"

Illustration Friday- "poof", originally uploaded by m patrizio.

My bf always calls me squeezy poof. This is what I think a real squeezy poof would look like.

Timmie handbound notebook

timmie notebook top
Timmie handbound interior
I recycled some of the potato print tests from Sunday and used panty hose cardboard for the cover.

Available in my etsy shop.

I finally assembled my paper guillotine

it almost became a finger guillotine within 8 seconds of completion.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

temporary Timmie brooch storage

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Sunday trip to the Bronx Zoo

Doesn't he look fake in this picture?

bronx zoo
This past Sunday I took a trip to the Bronx Zoo. I think the last time I went was 10 years ago. Once every 10 years is good enough for me, every time I go I feel bad for the animals. I may be projecting my own feelings here, but don't these animals look depressed? The only creatures that seemed happy were the otters and sea lions. The otters were all having fun together playing with a log and would look up to acknowledge the visitors. The sea lions were a crowd pleaser with the feeding routines they were doing with their trainers. Most of the monkeys had their backs turned (so rude but I don't blame them) and the rest of the animals seemed impossible to spot. It was an emotional roller coaster folks! I bet when all the visitors leave all the animals really come out and party with each other and giggle about hiding from the snap-happy visitors.

Potato stamping at the etsy labs

Yesterday afternoon I went to check out Craft Night at the Etsy Labs. Dari from Papi's Mami was demonstrating vegetable printing. It was my first time at the labs and printing with potatoes, it was a lot of fun! I hope to visit the labs again soon for another event.

rss feed?

Hello dear internet friends,

Can someone explain to me how to add an RSS button/feed to this blog or "add to my yahoo" button? Do I have to create the feed or is it already created? I know someone had explained this to me a while ago but I already forgot...old age, ya know...

Thanks in advance!
M. P.

Friday, August 01, 2008

notebook cover prototype

Here is my first attempt at making a mini book cover/case. The Timmie part came out all crinkly because the interfacing was too thick (I think) or I just don't know how to apply interfacing in general or probably both. Next time I want to make a handmade book to go inside, I think it would be a nice set. Oh, and a mini pencil or pen to go with it.

It can also double as a mod wrist cuff ;D.