Friday, May 24, 2013

More guinea pig-ing...Time to really detox!

I've had a stuffy nose since January and haven't done anything about it. Everyone told me it is just seasonal allergies. I never had this problem before and it is only affecting my nose, no watery eyes, etc.

Allergens in the home?  Chemicals?  The wrath of Mother Nature because we are poo-pooing on our planet, perhaps?

I feel like my immune system is on super attack mode.

To see if I feel any better this week I started to limit my only drug use (caffeine) stepping down from 2 shots of espresso to--> 1 shot to--> a chai latte to--> 1 cup of green tea. This isn't a lot of caffeine, but maybe my old lady body can't handle it anymore? Speaking of drugs, I tested the Bach's Rescue Remedy, it doesn't seem to work for me. I have a feeling though if you really believe it works, it does. Mind over body.

We have a newish area rug that appears to be a wonderful dirt, dust, dander, and bug part collector, so that is the first to be put away.

Check out this other terrible discovery of the week- the toxicity grade on the method dish washing soap I've been using.  See if any of the "natural" products you are using have been analyzed by The Environmental Working Group. No wonder my throat hurts every time I wash the dishes. UGH!  DIY time!



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