Saturday, April 27, 2013

Major shoe-gery.

Right when I was nearing the finish line to this pair of sandals (working on these a little at a time since the last week of January) I realized that if I continued with this design I ran the risk of TOE CLEAVAGE exposure! I can sense you are horrified as well. Who could prance around town carefree with the looming fear that people might think that their feet are slutty? I definitely do not want my toes to send the wrong message. I am a good catholic girl. [insert halo shine effect]

Here is the original sketch:
I'm extra sad because it was starting to develop just as I had envisioned. In the top photo you can see I have already unstitched the toe cap and piping and added a piece of leather to the vamp. The sandals are currently in rehab receiving a modesty overlay and hopefully will get soled next week so I can move forward to a new project, start prancin' (hopefully), and do better next time.

No such thing as a design mistake, just a design opportunity. Right?

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