Friday, May 10, 2013

Glass Sippy Cup

This is a great way to reduce* your plastic exposure.

Handmade glass smoothie straw from Glass Dharma and my dear canning jar is back again. I drilled a hole in the lid with my Dremel (a girl's BF) and then used the grinding and sanding attachments. I finished off by hand sanding the hole (finger wrapped in sandpaper) so it became nice and smooth and less sharpy-knife-like. It really was super sharp so make sure you don't slice your finggy off.

 *still some plastic coating on the lid :(

They actually make BPA-free real sippy cup lids for canning jars! Also, Tattler makes BPA-free lids - hmm... now I'm thinking of getting the sampler pack and drilling a hole in one of these.



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