Friday, April 20, 2012

breakfast is servvvved.

brownie ramekin, originally uploaded by m patrizio.
Inspired by the brownie in a mug in the microwave thing, I've been making myself these single serving brownies in ramekins in the oven (I don't have a microwave). I like it because 1. I am not tempted to eat the whole tray of brownies 2. I can add a small amount of extra ingredients, this one I added some chocolate chips on top and some walnuts in the mix.

At first I tried to add a small amount of egg as it asks for on the package (Trader Joe's Brownie Truffle Mix) but it came out too bready and Sal was concerned I was going to give him salmonella poisoning. Soooo I tested out adding some butter and a small amount of boiling water and it came out awesome!


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