Friday, May 04, 2012

First Knee-High Boots Results

Here's how the boots turned out with the chartreuse lining. I originally wanted to keep the zipper exposed, but it looked cheap so my teacher suggested I add a covering with snap closures. I learned a lot from making these (lots o' mistakes) that I can apply to my next boot.

A few of the bigger mistakes:
1. Not using a boot shaper /support caused the leather to wrinkle.  I bought the one I'm using now from Manhattan Wardrobe Supply.
2. Not creating a zipper cover for the inside. Metal teeth + foot heel = ouchy!
3. Not testing the wax finish on piece of scrap leather first ~ uneven dye job on the sole. :(

I feel like a highway patrol officer when I wear these. I might be tempted to make a few citizen arrests or give out a few fines for when dog owners leave poopage by my place... grrrr... or junior high litterers arrghhh...or disturbances of the peace by guido car horns...double argh.  Ok now I sound like a pirate, so I will stop.



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