Thursday, October 27, 2011

Other things that I've been up to:

Not reading product descriptions carefully online. I thought this was a pocket saw. I guess, technically, it could be a pocket saw if I had really giant pockets. I know you may be asking yourself, "Why would a woman in NYC need a a pocket SAW?" Hey, you never know when you need to cut some, tree limbs that is. < -- seeeeeeee I am getting into the Halloween spirit even though I mucho dislike (er, hate) Halloween.

Why I hate Halloween:

1. Opening the door to strangers begging for things that are bad for them. Would you give crack to a crackhead just because they said, "Trick or treat"?

2. I don't find the need to make believe I am someone/ something else for a day. I can be someone else every day. This is a medical condition that people need to take drugs for.

3. Also, I don't find the need to pay money to be scared or buy scary things to scare other people, this is NYC, walk the streets late at night and you can be scared for free. Just looking at the amount of litter on the streets scares me enough, I don't need to buy a skull for my window, thank you.


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