Friday, October 14, 2011

My not-so-mysterious medical mysteries

Well, mysterious until I looked it up online.

Last year I had this itchy chin rash that would not go away. After some research I pinpointed the problem, homemade laundry detergent that I purchased online ahem, Etsy, ahem. It was coming in contact with my chin via my sheets and comforter. After a double rinse on the bedding and a few days later, no more chin rash! I might have been using too much powder or the ingredients inside were just too harsh for my skin OR it could also have been a reaction to the essential oils in the product. So if you have an itchy chin rash that won't go away, this might be a cause for you as well.

This other one is a new affliction, the inside of my mouth peeling off. It all started with a new toothpaste - Crest Pro-Health, not only did it make my teeth achy, after prolonged use it started to make the inside of my mouth peel. Gross. So then I switched to Sensodyne, because I thought it is for sensitive-toothed-people like myself, but no, still peeling. Then I started using the Indian tooth powder that I purchased a while back and guess what, no more mouth peel! So the culprit may be the harsh whiteners or in general all the chemicals inside the products that toothpaste companies are slowly trying to kill us with. The tooth powder is kinda hard to stick with because it is messy and you don't receive any whitening benefits, but at least it doesn't burn my face off. The online peeps recommend Tom's of Maine.


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