Monday, January 05, 2009

Bamboo wipes

I came across Method's wood surface wipes made out of 100% bamboo fibers at Target yesterday. Method is doing such a great job cleaning up the home cleaning industry from harsh chemicals. I was originally looking for the wood floor cleaner but Target was all sold out! I am using these wipes to clean up some parts of my floor. I do not recommend doing this though unless you want to slip, fly up in the air, and break your bum.

update: I found the proper floor cleaner at my local grocery store. It was $2 more than Target but I bought it anyway because I want to help support the local businesses and let them know there is a market for natural goods in my 'hood. The floor cleaner brought back some of the shine and took away some of the slipperiness from the wipes. Order on the floor has been restored. I'm a happy girl.



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