Friday, March 22, 2013

...and a pair for me

Made out of a lightweight polka dot fleece fabric with a green wool lining and leather sole (sueded side out).  I used the sole of an unworn pair of flip flops my aunt gave me as "the filling".  Any part of my body + thong = not gonna happen.  I ripped out the thong part, trimmed the toe area a bit to make it rounder and then used it as a template for the rest of the pattern.
Although it feels good on the skin, I don't recommend using fleece for something like this. It already started to pile from just making it. [Insert "did I just waste 10 hours of my life?" sad face here] Even though I interfaced all the pieces I feel like it is not going to hold up that well and will collect dirt and dust easily.

For the top part I used the pattern piece from the other pair, but adjusted the pattern to make it longer lengthwise for more footsie coverage.

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