Monday, July 16, 2012

Goal of the week: Not look like a dirtbag

It has come to my attention that I look disgusting.

Exhibit A: Small group of 20 something girls uncontrollably staring at me and whispering from one foot away on the subway. Perhaps they were impressed with my hobo-like ability to carry 4 full tote bags of stuff or perhaps they were trying to figure out what type of smiling animals were patterned on my t-shirt. More likely it was that I smelled like turpenoid, had paint-splattered denim on, and was wearing a cardigan when it was 90 degrees out.

Exhibit B: Elderly woman looked like she was either going to barf on me or call security when I was looking at some trousers in Banana Republic. You think strangers would try to encourage the purchase of a new pair of khaki trousers by a woman wearing paint-splattered denim and a holey black t-shirt (when it was still 90 degrees out). Sal said I looked like a "biker chick", which I guess is fine for the Fall but not for the Summer.

Ok, so I gave in to the societal stares and bought some new t-shirts and a pair of new jeans, and will try to incorporate some skirts into the wardrobe this week.  I just find it hard to be practical (wearing something that I don't mind getting paint on) and be season appropriate.

BUT my clothing practicality did pay off this week though...

I experienced my first train evacuation! The train was unable to enter the station because of a "police investigation" which I strongly suspect means "dead body on the tracks" so the whole train was forced to evacuate the train through the last car.  As the girls in front of me were freaking out in their barely there strappy sandals and mini dresses I was pretty happy to have my comfortable shoes and dirty denim on. You never know when you will have to navigate train tracks with subway rats... but I am determined to find a happy medium this week.


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