Thursday, February 10, 2011

life is too short to wear itchy sweaters

I converted the sleeves of an old itchy wool sweater to over the knee socks. I've been wearing these all week under my pants and they've been keeping my legs nice and toasty.

To make:

1. Cut off sleeves on the shoulder seam line.
2. Crochet around the entire top edge.
3. Put them on and measure around thigh to see how long you have to make each strap.
4. Add fasteners, I used snap fasteners but I think it would look cute with wooden buttons as well. You can make one long strap instead of two and have it button on the side instead of the back.

With the rest of the material I am going to try to make house slippers, maybe felted?

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Blogger Dees said...

Brilliant!I have had a great dislike of itchy clothes all my life and love idea's to recycle them!xoxo

3:23 AM  

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