Sunday, January 31, 2010

Coccoina - the yummiest smelling glue & other Green Depot goodies.

Coccoina is Italian glue that smells like almonds that I'm seriously tempted to lick every time I use it. I got my tin at Green Depot in Manhattan (222 Bowery) last year. Green Depot is like Home Depot but way smaller and with ec0-friendly items (and minus the pervy-lookin' construction dudes). Apologies if I've just offended any pervy-lookin' construction dudes that happen to come across this blog and frequent the Home Depots in Brooklyn. ;)

I also purchased this wood pen that I've enjoyed using:

some hemp cord similar to this:

and a sample of their zero-VOC paint:

With the sample size I painted a library cart that I found in the trash. I will post a pic soon.


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