Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Practicing for shoe making class

I took apart one of my shoes that had a hole (I only buy the finest of the finest quality of pleather shoes in NYC of course), separated all the parts, and then traced them on to new fabric and lining and then stitched them up. I reused the sole from the shoe that I took apart. The first shoe came out pretty good, if I may say so myself, but the left shoe (not pictured) came out a bit too small.

What I learned from this experiment is that shoe making is definitely a precise art. A few millimeters off in cutting out the pieces or when sewing them together can mess up the whole shoe. I think my mistake was that I sewed one of the heel seams too wide. I think the felt will stretch a bit, so they should be just fine for shuffling around the apartment with.


Blogger The Big Boot said...

very cool to see other folks making shoes. love the red boots too. they seem to have come out really well.

10:12 AM  

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