Thursday, March 01, 2012

D.I.Y. wood veneer table (first attempt)

The D.I.Y. in this scenario stands for Don't Irritate Yourself.  Have you ever thought that cheapy weirdly-hard-to-clean-surfaced Ikea laptop table would look awesome covered in cheapy cedar shelf liner...maybe not a good idea.  Self adhesive veneer sheets or tape would have been a better bet, but they are pricey.  If I try this again, I would first flatten out the lining with heavy objects for a day or so and then glue it on. I already had the glue,varnish, and pressure roller thingy in my studio, so for a $6 investment in the liner I thought it was worth a try.



Blogger hapi-ness said...

Ah well I'd say it looks rustic and hand made hehe :P x

4:50 AM  

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