Sunday, May 22, 2011

a post-doomsday post

Yay! We get some more time to try to make the most of our lives! I spent the day yesterday strolling and window shopping on sunny Smith st. in Brooklyn, eating as much ice cream as possible (some pistachio from Van Leeuwen and some spumoni ices from L&B) and stuffing my face with half a sandwich from Stinky Bklyn, a hot dog from Ikea, and a doughy pizza from L&B . I wanted to make sure I was well fed before the Rapture, ya know, no one wants to be judged on an empty stomach.

I finally purchased a dining table while I was at Ikea, a simple wooden one:
I feel 10% more dignified now that I can use place mats, woohoo. I have a couple sets of linen ones from Lotta Jansdotter that I had stored away. The brush on top of the table is from the Home Depot, someone I know dragged me there in a paranoid frenzy. I don't think the flashlights and extra batteries are going to save us from the END OF DAYS, dude. I'm proud, though, that everything we purchased at the Home Depot that night was made in the U.S. of A.. One of my hopes is that manufacturing will return here someday.


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