Saturday, April 04, 2009

recycled office chair cover case

Remember a while ago my office chair broke down from the pressure of my fat butt sitting on it all day long? Yes, that one. I made the storage ottoman (with my dad) and a pillow with some of the parts and I still had the leather (which I had thought was vinyl) left over. I started a new sketchbook the other day and I thought to myself," this delicate flower of a book needs a case!". I was going to make one out of linen but then I remembered the chair cover I had saved. I looked at it again this morning and realized it was not made out of vinyl but in fact it was leather (fancy schmancy) with the outside strip just being vinyl (see photo 1). I unstitched the center piece of the cover (photo 3) and made this handy dandy case.

P.S. I am hoping the discoloration on the inside of the cover is dye and not dirt.


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