Friday, September 14, 2007

Timmie (72) goes to San Francisco

Anthony just sent me this pic with theme song lyrics and I had to figure out where Timmie went!

He is in front of the Full House house in San Francisco! Easy peasy!

Below are some more pics he sent over from the road trip from Maryland to California:

double-flippering it
This one makes me giggle because it looks like he is up to no good.

Timmie tummy ache?

entering New Mexico

entering California


Blogger Terri said...

Soooo cool! That "Whataburger" one is the best - he looks rather shifty in that one, doesn't he? So glad I found your blog - it's very inspiring, and Timmie just rules all. : )

BTW, did you know that some of your notepapers were featured in a scrapbooking kit? I bought the kit, and that's how I found out about your illustrations - here's the link to the photo, in case you haven't seen it. : )

8:00 PM  

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