Thursday, February 08, 2007

Providence for a Day- the recap

at olga's cup and saucer, originally uploaded by m patrizio.

Thanks to the lovely people who commented on my "What to do in Providence?" post! Here are the results,

We visited:

1. The Bert gallery

2. Wickenden St.

3. Oop shop

4. Farmstead cheese and other gourmet edibles shop- purchased some brie and herbs from Provence. I need to visit Provence, France before I croak, someone remind me.

5.The Runcible Spoon

6. Olga's cup and Saucer for lunch, bought some delicious bread to go with our cheese. I want to go back there already for some more bread!

7. RISD Art Museum. Fibbed that we were still college students. Oh yea, I still got it. I came across an impressive Sargent painting that I have not seen before and a watercolor paintbox from 1070 B.C. , B.C.!! I have a picture of that, I will post it shortly.

8. A sheep in a window.

9. Rocket to Mars, but was closed when we arrived. :(

10. Federal Hill. Purchased a milk bottle/jug made in Italy. Took a picture with some wooden cut-outs that look like my parents. Checked out Pastiche but didn't stay because we were full. I must go back there again, such a cute place!

11. Thayer street to find Shades Plus and Pie in the Sky where I did spy 2 Cram Cream trays!

12. Jerry's Artarama, you can't ever have enough art supplies.

13. Al Forno for dinner. Wow, what a beautiful restaurant! We enjoyed our meal very much. We tasted one of their famous pizzas, had some gnocchi and shared some chocolate crepes for dessert! We left thoroughly satisfied. Highly recommended!

I think that was it :D

Here is a link to the photo set- PROVIDENCE PICS


Anonymous Stephanie said...

Man too bad I missed yah I live within walking distance of Thayer Street! Sounds like you had fun though.

5:09 PM  
Anonymous gina said...

I went to RISD! There's an alley way off Thayer Street where there's a crepe/smoothie shop called The Creperie. Next time you go, get a Connie and a Tropical Oasis smoothie. Holy cow, I can totally go for one right now.

1:58 AM  

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