Monday, October 30, 2006

M & S' Tri-State Adventure

We started off in Brooklyn and the goal was to check out New Hope, PA. We heard it was a cute town and it was. Unfortunately, the shops catered mostly to tourists and we didn't see much original art or objects in the numerous galleries and shops. Although we were disappointed at first the architecture and landscape of the town was definitely worth the 90 min++ trip. On the way to New Hope we stopped at Ikea (the cultural institution)in Elizabeth, NJ and purchased an aluminiumesque countertop that I've been eyeing over the internet. Then we traveled (with the giant countertop in the passenger seat) Southwest towards Pennsylvania. We accidentally took the "scenic route" and we happened upon a Pfaltzgraff shop which I got very excited about. Before I entered the shop I had fantasies of stacks of Marimekko/Pfaltzgraff mugs that I've seen online. But no, none of that inside, it was just a traditional, Macy's Cellarish kitchen shop. About a half hour later we arrived at our destination and spent the rest of the day exploring New Hope and briefly walked over the bridge to visit Lambertville, NJ. Below are some photos from the trip:


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