Saturday, October 28, 2006

Elizabeth Star's Mushroom Collection

Mushroom Collection, originally uploaded by elizabeth star.


some thrifted vintage,some Japanese,all gooooooood.


Anonymous amy said...

I saw some really cute soft mushrooms at a cute local vintage general store here in Savannah. I summoned all the strength in me to not buy them seeing as they were $10 each. :(

BTW I had a WEIRD DREAM about you. Yes, you! For some reason I lived in this window-less but very PuertoRican decorated apt in NY. Probably outside Manhattan. And I was having a get together/craft sale/something and you had all your awesome cutesy stufff in a table, except for crochet Timmies, which I actually pointed out in the dream. After it was all over, I asked if you needed a ride back home, you said, oh it's too far, but I replied, Are you kidding? I love going to New York (Im guessing you lived in Manhattan, thats why I was so excited to drive out there). The outside of my building had some sort of amusement park machinery camouflaged as regular cement buildings (that's my brain mixing North American architecture with Puerto Rican). So we get on my car, but it turns out you just live like 10 blocks from me and I didn't get to go to "New York"... and that was it.


why the f did I dream about you? I don't know :P

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Blogger elizabeth star said...


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