Sunday, December 18, 2005

Mail from Ana!

Mail from Ana!

Thanks Ana (ar de graca) for all this great stuff! You are soo good to me!!

What's in it:

-2 handmade polka-dot brooches made by Ana

- a bolaches de gengibre (gingerbread man) also made by Ana. Poor guy had some injuries while travelling over the Atlantic from Lisbon Portugal, but I kindly took him out of his misery shortly after taking this photo. *gooble*gooble*

- a star keychain/ornament also made by Ana! How cute is that thing!?!

- and last but not least, adorable ducky trim!!!

I love it all! Thank you so much !


Anonymous Danwei said...

Aww poor gingerbread man had a rough trip. He even looks sad, kind of reminds me of the gingerbread in Shrek, which was my favorite character in that movie =)
Good thing you put an end to his suffering

3:40 PM  
Blogger ar said...


1:37 PM  

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