Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Re-dyeing jeans

Rit Denim Blue + Black = Dark Purple

Our jeans faded back into the 90's. Mine had some paint and glue stains for extra pizzazz.  The paint stains that looked like blood and stuck on glue bits that looked like boogers were fantastic for keeping people away from you on the subway, but not so good to wear to a restaurant.

Here are the jeans after the second dyeing hanging on the line. I dyed them again with the rest of the dye left in the bottles for a darker look. So far I was really pleased. Untillll... the clothesline broke and I had to put these in a dryer. They came out of the dryer an intense shade of dark purple.

I *think* I  can get away with wearing my new purple pants in public, but unforch Sal has a new pair of purple house pants.  I did some research about the best Rit dye jean dyeing combo and people say to use 1 part each of Navy Blue, Black, and Indigo. Okay, maybe next time.


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