Friday, June 24, 2011

Cigar box project progress. kinda.

I spent the whole morning yesterday trying to attach leather straps to the side of the box with brass rivets (pictured) that were just a tad too short. After thinning down the leather and sanding down the box I gave up on the straps and just glued in a brass grommet (C.S. Osborne size 00) with the strongest glue that I had (Barge Cement) and added a thin leather cord for the strap that knots in the inside. I actually ended up really liking how the grommet looks on top of the golden label. What's also good about this simple solution is that I can easily adjust the strap length if I need to.

Today I am taking the leather straps that I originally intended for the sides and using them as a closure. This is definitely one of those design-as-I-go projects. Tomorrow I will post a pic of how that turns out.


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