Thursday, September 30, 2010

Free house-shaped souvenir? Yes, please!

I was at a restaurant in Venezuela and the waiter heard I was collecting some souvenirs made in Venezuela so he gave me this house-shaped napkin holder. Without hesitation it went directly into my bag along with a nicely designed packet of sugar and an old-school coca-cola bottle. How did he know about my love of all things house-shaped?

Off topic: Sal thinks the lines on the left side of the new blog header look like "squoooooshed cupcakes". Please note no cupcakes were harmed during the making of that drawing, it is just a yarn suggestion, maybe I will fix it, or not.


Blogger Jennifer said...

Smooshed cupcakes? Really? My first thought was lines of knitting, but I guess crochet would be more appropriate ;)

What a great and generous present from a stranger. That napkin holder is adorable!

10:40 PM  

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