Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Camilla Engman book by Uppercase

(photo by Uppercase Gallery)

Buy yourself this book! It is 192 pages of extreme awesomeness by one of my favorite contemporary artists Camilla Engman. I am lucky enough to have one of my pictures appear in this fantastically designed book. I love everything about this book, first off the packaging is amazing, it comes with a printed elastic closure, a baggage tag bookmark, and lots of extra goodies like a postcard set, mini print, and a booklet featuring Camilla's superstar dog, Morran. I love that this book gives a little background story to Camilla's varying artwork styles and techniques, inspirations, collaborations, and artist friends. It even touches upon the enviable Swedish lifestyle. What I love about Camilla (mind you, I don't know her personally) is that you can look up to her and think maybe one day you can survive as an artist too... following, analyzing, experimenting, and submerging yourself with all the things that you love. What can be better than that? -----Nothing.


Anonymous Becky said...

an art book with rounded edges? i'm instantly sold!! and from what you say the stuff INSIDE is good too... win|win! ^___^
the print looks fantastic all framed up..

4:40 PM  
Anonymous lori Joy Smith said...

hers is a charmed life isn't it?thanks for sharing the book. i am highly coveting it.

9:51 AM  

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