Monday, June 16, 2008

Renegade Craft Fair

This year I went to Renegade just as a visitor. I found 2 things that I really liked/could afford. I purchased this Etsy tote (designed by Julia Pott) from the Etsy booth and this awesome stamp from Something's Hiding in Here that I had been eyeing for months. Sal purchased a few t-shirts and a comic book. I was looking for some t-shirts too but I couldn't find any that I loved that would fit me well. Sal purchased this shirt from Viva Ortegacy (nice guy) and one of the different neighborhoods of Brooklyn from Ork Design. (I don't see t-shirts for sale on the site though)

It was so hot I couldn't even see straight. What I learned from this excursion was that less really is more regarding booth layout & merchandise. The booths that had one theme like t-shirts or just a few limited designs and/or color palette were the ones easiest to shop at, especially when it is 90 degrees out and you have sweat in your eyeballs. I will try to keep this idea in mind for my tables/booths in the future.


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