Thursday, August 23, 2007

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by debi van zyl .

8 random facts about me:

1. When I was a kid I stabbed my brother in the face with a no.2 pencil. A graphite dot remains embedded in his face till this day. I still love really sharp pencils.

2. I like to organize all my belongings by color. Especially my books, clothes and oil paints.

3. I've been known to wear the same jeans 5 days in a row.

4. I've never done drugs and I rarely drink alcohol. drug of choice, Caffeine!

5. I don't know how to drive and I don't care to learn how. My bike, walking and the subway are good enough for me.

6. When I feed the birdies bread from my window I wonder if they prefer whole wheat or white.

7. I love shoes and love to collect them but 90% of the time I am barefoot.

8. I worry a-lot. Especially over things that I have no control over.

I tag.... YOU! Yea, you!


Blogger stuffed said...

Good ones.

I have a pencil lead in my hand so does my man.

I'm with you on numbers 6, 7 & 8. Would like to be with number 5 as well.


9:10 PM  
Blogger wadiefong said...

Wow! Some interesting factoids there! Your brother must've done something really bad to get you so mad! :-O

Yeppers on #4. In the summer, Hubby has to dash to the groc. store almost every other day--I eat half gallon ice cream cartons in one sitting :-9 (no, I am not preggers)

I am most impatient when traveling, esp. when there is a Patrizio So-Softie waiting for me at home! I am stuck in Chicago still... :-(

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Halloweve1977 said...

Yikes! Other than 1 and 6, I could have written this list! Especially 5 and 8...damn number 8 : D. One of the only things I'd change about myself is the worrying : P

10:05 PM  

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