Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Some press

from Taiwanese magazine Bang! Try to spot my 3 tiny illos on the cover.
I find the randomness of the illos they selected so humorous.


Blogger My Little Corner said...

I wouldn't have guess the machine gun bunny was an illustration of yours though! That must be so cool to have your illos and items featured in a magazine! Did you break out the champagne?

10:07 AM  
Blogger M. Patrizio said...

Yes, champagne and caviar all the way baby! j/k I broke out a bottle of my finest grape juice and a sesame bagel with cream cheese. yum.

The illustration of the bunny with the gun came from a project I did a few years ago.

1:05 PM  
Blogger ruthie said...

congrats!! you deserve it,your stuff is great and you must be so excited!!

3:46 AM  

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