Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tips on San Diego?

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From July 14-19 I will be in San Diego with my boyfriend to attend the Comic Con to promote his comic - "The Adventures of Bio Boy" that is coming out in September. Does anyone have any tips on what to do,where to eat, or any must see places/shops? Any info would be greatly appreciated, this is my first time in San Diego.


Blogger stuffed said...

Because the con is at the convention center, you will be near Seaport Village, the Gaslamp (never Gaslight) District, Horton Plaza mall, the U.S. Grant hotel, the House of Blues and the courthouse. Some of those places aren't very exciting. The Gaslamp is full of bars/grills/restaurants. Don't wear cut off jeans or sandals if you want to be accepted everywhere. If you are a fan of the late Jim Croce, I recommend Croce's. Seaport Village is pretty boring but you can see the water there if that is important to you. Horton Plaza is a typical mall in a lot of ways but I enjoy it. Lots of food and sweets, some expensive stores and stuff for tourists, too. The Grant Grill at the U.S. Grant hotel is spiffy (meaning dress well and pay mucho). The nearby House of Blues is excellent (ask for directions if you don't spot it right away). I have been to many of them and I like this one best. I hope you don't have to see the courthouse so be good. I used to live in Downtown San Diego. The Reader is always helpful. Oh, and wear comfy shoes. That con sucks without them (especially since they did away with snail mailed passes).

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Blogger M. Patrizio said...

Thank you so much amanda, this really helps, I am going to check out right now.

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